Action HVAC-R Aerosol
  • Insulates P.C. boards, protecting them from moisture, vermin and corrosion.
  • Non-conductive with minimal affect efficiency or heat transfer.
  • UV, heat and cold resistant which reduces yellowing and cracking.
  • Extends the serviceability of the unit components.
  • Contains salt inhibitors, repels water and has great chemical
  • resistance.
  • Reduces mould developing on the components.
  • Touch dry in 15 minutes- stopping impurities in the atmosphere
  • sticking to the unit.
  • No odour once dry.
  • Top coat- compatible most paints.
AUST_Insta_ActionHVAC-RGel copy

All-in-one coating to protect cabinets, HVAC Coil Corrosion Protection and P.C. boards of air conditioning compressor units. Also insulates the board against geckos and other vermin. Touch dry in 15 minutes. Aircon protection solution.

Crystal clear protection containing inhibitors against UV, heat, cold, and salt spray. Hard, non-yellowing coating which repels water. Its non-conductive properties do not affect heat exchange.

Available in a 350g aerosol.

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