Where can I purchase the Action Corrosion products?

We currently have stockists across Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, North, Central & South America, Asia and this list continues to grow. To find a stockist near you, send us an email with your location and which products you would like and our customer service team will connect you with a supplier.

Does Action Corrosion sell online and ship directly to the customer?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service and recommend purchasing the product from our extensive list of suppliers. This is due to both the DG shipping costs of our products and as we are a wholesaler.

Are the products Australian owned/made?

Yes the Action Corrosion products are Australian owned. The products that supply Australia, New Zealand and Asia are made in Australia. The products that supply America are made in the United States. 


What is the difference between Action Clear Top Coat, Action HVAC-R and Rustproof Clear? 

Action Clear Top Coat is the original formula that is designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. Rustproof Clear has the same properties but has a different label for the application onto vehicles. Action HVAC-R is specifically formulated to be able to not only protect the metal components of an air conditioning unit, it can also protect the PC board. 

How does Action HVAC-R protect PC boards without damaging them?

Action HVAC-R can be sprayed on by aerosol or painted on with a brush. This product dries hard and creates a physical barrier insulating the PC board. It is non-conductive and allows moisture to make contact with the PC board without short-circuiting or corroding it. 

(Always ensure the power is disconnected whilst applying Action HVAC-R and left off for an hour after the final application).

Does Action HVAC-R void the warranty on air conditioning units?

No. Air conditioner manufacturers do not supply a warranty for corrosion or short-circuiting from vermin. During our time in the industry, we have never had any warranty claims be rejected due to the application of Action HVAC-R.

Do I need to apply a primer before using the Action Clear Top Coat, Action HVAC-R, Rustproof Clear,  Xtreme, or Glastion protective coatings?

No. These products are all self-priming and can be applied straight onto the metal surface once it is clean, dry and wiped down with general-purpose thinners. 

Do I paint the surface before or after applying the protective coating?

Paint the surface beforehand. Then you need to ensure the paint is fully cured before applying the Action Corrosion protective coating. 

How long does it take for the protective coating to cure?

The aerosols spray-on thinner than using a paintbrush to app the liquids. Subject to humidity, they are touch dry and ready for the next coat after 30 minutes. To fully cure it can take up to 14 days.  Action Xtreme requires 2 hours between coats. 

Can I apply a protective coating over rust?

Over a rusted surface the Action Clear Top Coat, Rustproof Clear and Action HVAC-R can be applied to insulate the current rust and prevent further damage. For heavy rust, any rust flakes should be removed and the surface rubbed down with a wire brush.  The surface will need to be washed down, dried and wiped down with general-purpose thinners prior to applying the protective coating.

To protect a patina finish, just clean the surface, allow it to dry and wipe down with general-purpose thinners. Then with a paintbrush, apply 2 coats of the Action Xtreme following the directions on the label. 


How do I apply the Action Gel?

The best way to apply the Action Gel is thick with a paintbrush. 

How long do I leave the Action Gel on for?

Leave the Gel for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour. For porous metals such as aluminium, watch the process and do not leave the Gel for an excessive amount of time.  If the Gel starts to dry, apply another coat to keep it thick and wet. When the rust has been removed, wash off thoroughly with water to leave the bare metal surface which is now ready for protection.


If you don’t see your question answered here, contact us for more information.

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