The new Brisbane Runway is the largest aviation project in Australia. With such a grand scale project, there were bound to be a few road blocks. Rust once again reared its head.

The 15,000 metal dowels had been affected by the weather and proximity to the ocean. With the 2020 deadline approaching the dowels needed to be replaced or restored immediately to prevent construction being held up.


Luckily we pride ourselves on our ability to create a solution for any rusty situation and we were ready to help.

After negotiating with the construction team, we developed a plan of attack. A process catering to the needs of the client was planned and agreed upon by both parties. Then it was all hands on deck.

This labour intensive job was a new test of our strength as we hand lifted each of the 15,000 dowels eight times to complete the process.

Dowel Restoration Process:

Step 1

We first needed to pressure wash the dowels. This removed the sand and rust flakes that have developed on the dowels.

Step 2

Each of the dowels were placed into a specially formulated Rust Removing bath which was just right to remove the rust but not damage the metal dowels.

Step 3

Hand wash the dowels. In a process of 3 wash down buckets, each dowel was scrubbed to remove any of the residue from the Rust Removal Bath.

Step 4

Coated with General Purpose Thinners. This removed the moisture off the dowel and discouraged flash rusting.

Step 5

Apply a coat of Lanolin Oil to lubricate the dowel, preventing rust from forming.