Air Conditioner Coating

Two of the biggest causes of air conditioner failure causing replacement are rust and damage to PC boards by vermin. Action Corrosion has engineered the product Action HVAC-R to coat all elements of an air conditioning unit. Being able to cover the cabinets, coils, fins and PC Board, Action HVAC-R is the ultimate protective coating in the industry.


Each unit is dismantled, taking off the panels to expose the internal components. The panels are hung on racks and the units are set on trolleys. They are then taken into the spray booth and using Action HVAC-R, all of the internals and panels are coated.  The units are then baked in the heat room for 2 hours to cure the product. Units are then taken out to cool down and reassemble. Once assembled, an aerosol of the Action HVAC-R is used to coat the external screws. The units are then repackaged and prepared for collection/dispatch. This service has a turn around time of up to 7 working days.

Vehicle Coating

We provide coating to vehicles including 4×4’s, utes, vans and SUV’s. Our coating process protects the underbody and chassis from damage caused by corrosion and rust. This anti rust application can be applied to new vehicles to prevent rust from occurring or to lightly rusted vehicles which will insulate the rust, preventing further damage. Action Corrosion’s coating process has vehicles prepped, sprayed and baked, ready to be collected within 24-48 hours. A wash down service is also available for vehicles that need to be cleaned prior to the coating process.

Trailer Coating

Boat trailers, utility trailers, caravans and other types of trailers of all shapes and sizes require protection against saltwater, moisture, dirt and the elements. We use Action Corrosion’s Rustproof Clear product to create a physical barrier on the metal surface. This product is UV stable, repels water and has a clear shiny finish. Our coating process will have a trailer prepped, sprayed, baked and ready to collect in 24-48 hours. A wash down service is also available for trailers that need to be cleaned prior to the coating process.

The Coating Facility

Address: 3/18 Industry Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486

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