Along the East Coast of Australia, Surf Clubs line the shores of popular swimming beaches. These volunteer fuelled clubs rescue over 10,000 people and provide over 100,000 first aid treatments each year. They are a movement of people that represents the best of Aussie culture- mateship, service, value of all life, strength as we come together, can do attitude and community.

Action Corrosion supports the Surf Life Saving Clubs and their values with what we do best- Rust Prevention.



Salt Surf Life Saving Club, Kingscliff NSW.


We recently undertook a preventative rust protection service at Salt Surf Club, Kingscliff NSW.



We coated Salt Surf Club’s tractor and ATV buggy with Rustproof Clear. This product is a clear, hard drying protective coating that will prevent rust forming on the vehicles. It has UV inhibitors which also prevent the coating from cracking or yellowing. Rustproof Clear will not affect the visual appeal of the vehicles but will protect them from rust year long in the highly corrosive beach environment.


Salt spray is the number one reason metal corrodes extremely fast along coastal areas. Rustproof Clear creates a hard barrier over the metal surface of vehicles which prevents any moisture or salt from reacting with the metal. Plastics are also rejuvinated and look new when coated with Rustproof Clear.

Prevention is always better than restoration. Rustproof Clear gives that peace of mind and superior protection for vehicles.