Corrosion Removal and Ongoing Corrosion Protection


Rust Removal and Maintenance

Action Corrosion have ongoing maintenance work at Mantra Hotel Broadbeach, QLD. This work has included rust removal with Action Rust Removal Gel and application of a specialised moisture cured urethane coating to the large metal awning which surrounds the entire commercial precinct under the high rise hotel. We have also removed corrosion and applied Action Clear Coat to the half round stainless steel gutters and downpipes.

As depicted, they have had issues with aluminium corrosion surrounding the pool area on the second floor. We have addressed these problems by replacing fixings with more appropriate fixings taking into account the nature of dissimilar metals. We have also applied our clear protective coatings to metals surrounding the pool area and removed traces of oxidation that have bled down the walls.
Our work at the resort continues, with onsite welding of a weakened awning support and further coating of the commercial area being addressed by Action Corrosion in the coming months.