Corrosion Removal and Ongoing Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Removal and Application of Corrosion Protection (Dexus Property Group)

Action Corrosion have assisted Tweed City Shopping Centre with corrosion removal on a number of stainless steel fittings and fixtures. Large stainless steel downpipes found along the main entrance had 7 years worth of corrosion and a number of stainless steel safety bollards were in a similar condition.The corrosion was easily removed with Action Rust Removal Gel, it was then coated with Action Clear Coat Xtreme to prevent the re-occurrence of corrosion.

These photos depict the before and after results of downpipe and bollard treatments.Action Corrosion Pty Ltd have put together on ongoing maintenance plan for the stainless steel bins, kick-boards and railings within the shopping centre.