Koala Green Clean HVAC Clean Refill 

  • Refill for Koala Green HVAC Clean
  • HVAC system cleaner 
  • 500ml bottle
  • All Australian and all natural 
  • Aussie Bush and Wild Frangie scents avaliable
  • Wipeout grime and odours naturally
  • All in one, no rinse formula cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser
  • Sales support koala rehabilitation 
  • Suitable for head units, ducted systems and other HVAC systems

Koala Green Clean HVAC Clean Refill

This product is the refill for the 500ml Koala Green HVAC Clean. An all natural, all Australian made HVAC system cleaner. Suitable for all HVAC systems, including head units and ducted systems. Koala Green Clean HVAC Clean is a safe treatment to maintain optimum HVAC air quality. Due to the formula’s natural composition, this product is completely safe to both the user and the HVAC system, making it the cleanest and greenest way to clean your HVAC system.

Once the system has been cleaned with Koala Green Clean HVAC Cleaner, we recommend installing a Koala Green Clean Air, ensuring the system can stay green and clean for a period of months. For more information on directions of use, see label.

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