Koala Green Clean Koala Milk

  • All in one no rinse formula hand cleanser & moisturiser
  • 500ml bottle
  • All Australian and all natural 
  • Wipeout germs & moisturises naturally 
  • Clean and moisturise your hands with Australian grown natural oils
  • Sales support koala rehabilitation 
  • Simple spray and rub application

Koala Green Clean Koala Milk

This product is safe, all in one hand cleanser and moisturiser. Unlike other hand cleansers and alcohol laden sanitisers, this no rinse formula hand cleanser will clean your hands with proven natural ingredients, leaving your hands clean and moisturised with the fresh aromas of Australian grown natural oils. 

Application of the product is extremley simple. To apply, lightly spray the formula onto one hand and then rub both hands together. In minutes the cleaner will evaporate leaving soft, fragrant hands. Each sale of all Koala Green Clean products contributes a donation toward koala rehibillitation here in Australia! 

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