Existing coating had separated from the steel resulting in heavy rust & metal loss on the tread supports. The fixings were stainless steel which were in contact with steel supports.
Treads were unbolted and removed using a crane. Plasticised coating removed off tread supports and surrounding metal stringers by manually cutting and grinding.
All treads removed ready for replacement.
Bare metal prep by way of water/grit blasting, leaves a perfect paintable surface. Metal tread supports inspected by Village roadshow staff & engineer.
Rusted supports with severe metal loss, replaced with newly fabricated ones. Our staff have background in welding/metal fabricating & fitting and turning, so the treads could be welded on site.
Three Coat Paint System applied as per manufacturers reccomendations.
Supports and stringers treated and coated. Nylon washers used between fixings and supports and the underside of the tread to reduce incidence of dissimilar metal corrosion which was evident prior to treatment. Old treads replaced with new ones.