Corrosion Removal and Ongoing Corrosion Protection
After only 6 months after opening, tea staining corrosion was appearing on all the stainless steel downpipes on the structure. These were designed as a striking feature to the design.Management approached Action Corrosion for a solution to remove the corrosion and most importantly, provide a long term corrosion protection treatment to the downpipes, railings and fittings.
The corrosion was easily removed using Action Rust Removal Cream. As the club was situated right on the ocean, it required an anti-corrosion coating which was UV, slat spray and heat stable. Two coats of Action Clear Coat were applied in 2009, which continue to give excellent corrosion protection.
All maintenance crews on the island use our range of rust removers and protective coatings in all resorts on the island ever since.