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Corrosion Removal and Ongoing Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Restoration Project

Action Corrosion were approached to put together a corrosion assessment report for Mantra @1770. In that report we identified (9) large heavily rusted roofing skylights, rusted gutter supports, rusted roofing and screws and corrosion to a number of roof supports.
After prioritising the work required, we commenced work on the heavily rusted roofing skylights.These posed a significant risk to the roofing sheets as pieces of rusted steel were falling onto them.
The pictures depict the before and after of those rusted frames. Since then we have also replaced a large number of rusted screws, removed rust from the roof supports and treated with our anti-corrosion coating. The next stage of works will require gutter support bracket replacement and metal facia rust removal and treatment. Once these are completed the stainless steel throughout the resort will be targetted.

ment to the downpipes, railings and fittings.


The corrosion was easily removed using Action Rust Removal Cream. As the club was situated right on the ocean, it required an anti-corrosion coating which was UV, slat spray and heat stable. Two coats of Action Clear Coat were applied in 2009, which continue to give excellent corrosion protection.
All maintenance crews on the island use our range of rust removers and protective coatings in all resorts on the island ever since.