Action Clear Top Coat Aerosol

Suitable for all metals including; stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium, bronze, and galvanized steel.

  • Dries hard and non-tacky.
  • UV, heat and cold resistant which reduces yellowing and cracking.
  • Contains salt inhibitors and repels water.
  • Touch dry in 15 minutes- preventing impurities in the atmosphere sticking to the metal surface.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Extends the life of the metal.
  • No odour once dry
  • Top coat; Compatible with most paints.
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Clear Coat Top Spray, crystal clear hard, yet flexible coating in a convenient aerosol can. Multi-year protection against corrosion, outstanding U.V, salt spray, chemical and heat resistant properties for all metals.
Will not yellow, crack or peel. Easily applied with a paintbrush or spray gun, self-levels to a mirror finish. Particularly good on stainless steel, aluminium, copper and all other metals.
When applied to faded powder-coating, brings back colour and lustre and provides excellent protection against further damage. Suitable for stainless steel and other metals. This Clear Coat Top Spray product has been used extensively by Action Corrosion Pty Ltd on commercial stainless steel restoration projects such as the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, Mantra resort Agnes Water and many resorts throughout Australia.
Available in a 350g aerosol.

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