Rust Removal On Gym Equipment

Rust is always an avoidable issue within a gym environment. Gym Equipment always seem to have rust. This doesn’t have to be the case though! Let Action Corrosion take care of the rust removal so you can take care of the heavy lifting! In short: Training = Sweat Sweat = Salt Salt = Rust Rusted…


HOW TO CLEAN RUST, featuring Action Rust Removal Gel clean rust from tiles, clean rust from walls, clean rust from stainless steel, clean rust from air-conditioning unit. Click Youtube video link to learn techniques of cleaning rust: Visit our product page to buy rust remover spray & liquids.

Stainless Steel Corrosion, Grade Vs Finish

Stainless Steel Grade Selection Stainless steel is a very popular choice for both inside and outside fittings and fixtures. If Stainless Steel is selected for a project close to the coast, it will require routine maintenance to prevent tea-staining corrosion. Regardless of the grade or finish we recommend our Action Clear Coat for all coastal…

Rust Removal Stainless Steel

Video of Rust Removal on Stainless Steel downpipes project at Tweed City Shopping Centre. Application of Action Clear Coat for rust protection of stainless steel. Project Video for Tweed City Shopping Centre Rust Removal from Stainless Steel downpipes. Application of Action Clear Coat for rust protection of stainless steel. For video please clip link

Circuit Board Repair

This video is a testimonial from business owner Wayne Park, who’s factory was flooded during the Brisbane floods in 2011. Action Vapour Guard was used to repair circuit board rust and protect circuit boards from corrosion, saving him $100,000 in equipment replacement costs. See testimonial video for circuit board rust repair and PC board repair…